Dogs were said to snuggle up to sad people and read their emotions.

However, as a result of the research conducted by the Australian research team, it was found that other emotions can be read as well as sadness.

The dog understands the happy and angry faces of a person, and seems to be able to read emotions even on faces other than the owner, and can judge that a smile is positive and an angry face is negative.

You can also determine what behavior is appropriate for that emotion.

I know that I can understand emotions because I have a bond with the owner, but it’s amazing to read the emotions of others!

Experiments in which dogs read human emotions

The experimental team displayed a human smile and an angry face on a touch screen, and each of the 24 dogs was divided into groups to select the tasks to be selected.

One group was rewarded with a series of smiling photos, and the other group was rewarded with an angry face photo.

As a result, the dogs properly distinguished between smiling faces and angry faces! It seems that the results of German Shepherd and Border Collie were particularly good.

The dog was quick to choose a photo of a smile, but he didn’t like to choose a photo of an angry face, even though he trained in the same way.

This experiment showed that dogs are very sensitive to human emotions.

The relationship between dogs and humans has been around for a long time, but I never thought I would understand human emotions so much.

After all, there may be a tribal bond between dogs and humans.

Amazing dog emotion reading ability

I’m looking at the right half

Dogs look at the right half of their face when understanding emotions from human facial expressions. Even if you turn a human photo upside down, you can judge by looking at the right half. This is a unique ability of dogs.

And, in fact, you can make eye contact as much as a 2-year-old human child.

I’m upset when I see someone who has troubled like a child.

In addition, the older you get, the deeper you understand the other person’s feelings and the more you try to choose the right action.

When you think about this, I feel that you will grow like a human being.

The way it grows may be because it is closest to humans.

The older you get, the closer you become and the more you want to be with us.

That may be the reason why I can’t leave even though I know the farewell that will come someday.

It’s not just the face that dogs read emotions!

Surprisingly, dogs read emotions not only from human facial expressions but also from human conversations.

According to a study by the University of Saserax, it is possible to distinguish between consonants and vowels in human words, and to understand emotions through the tone of conversation.

It seems that you are doing language processing in the same way as humans.

For example, when complimenting a dog, if you compliment it with a smile and a bright tone, you will understand it properly.

In addition, when a person who is afraid of a dog sweats and strokes it like “It’s cute”, he can smell the sweat from the tension and find out that he is really scared.

What you can tell by your dog’s sense of smell is that you can’t lie to your dog.

Isn’t it better than a lie detector? (Lol)

If drug detection dogs and rescue dogs also apply such abilities, it would be a convincing work.

And I can understand that the dog is expressive.

They really understood our feelings.

How dogs read emotions

In fact, we don’t know how dogs read human emotions …! Is it the depth of the bond we have spent together since ancient times?

It’s not clear how to read it, but it’s true that it’s understood. We would be better off communicating with the dogs happily than thinking about it (laughs).

I’m looking forward to clarifying how emotions are read in future research.

Summary of how dogs read emotions

A long time ago … A dog that has lived with humans for 30,000 years.

It is said that what was originally a wild wolf became a dog suitable for today’s pets by having children accustomed to humans and repeating this process.

There are various breeds of dogs, but all of them have come to bark and bark to communicate with humans, and probably have supported humans by reading their emotions from their facial expressions.

I think that is what leads dogs and humans to form a different bond with other animals.

How does your dog react when you are angry, sad, or happy?

Will it hang down its tail, will it come by the side and lick its hands, or will it run around while waving its tail?

Wouldn’t it be even more lovable to think that all of your dogs act with an understanding of your emotions?

The dogs want to communicate with us.

I want to build a good relationship where we can be considerate of each other.

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