When you welcome a puppy, I think the whole family is crazy about its cuteness.

But do you know what you have to do now for your puppy?

First of all, what you need

■ Circle or house         ■ Toilet tray / toilet seat         ■ Safety management tools

(baby gates, outlet covers, etc.)

■ Tableware (for food and water)      ■ Toys (for playing together, for playing alone)

■ Food ■ Care products (shampoo, brush, nail clippers)      

If a puppy comes home …

First of all, the puppy is very nervous and anxious. I am very tired when it is carried from a distance. Just because you’re finally home, don’t welcome hugging or playing. I’m tired, so I need to make it sound gradually.

I sleep well when I’m a puppy. If you fall asleep, let’s put it to sleep.

When the puppy wakes up from sleep, tell him where to go to the bathroom and have a meal.

(1) Toilet training

When you bring your puppy home, first train the toilet. It is better to think of it as “care” rather than the feeling of discipline.

The trick to teaching the toilet is to encourage people to excrete in the right place from the day they arrive and not to fail as much as possible.

(2) Meals


Please prepare two types of tableware, one for food and one for water. If you’re 2-3 months old, weaning is over, so a commercially available puppy food is a good choice.

When giving, please give food with your hands or bring tableware. Then, I remember that food can be obtained from people.

Food selection

The diet of a puppy affects the health of an adult dog. Therefore, it is important to choose dog food. First, review the ingredients once to see if you continue to give the recommended food to pet stores and breeders. Over-the-counter dog foods can also contain a lot of additives that are harmful to your health.

Generally, the quality depends on the price to some extent. Inexpensive ones may use inferior raw materials. That said, instead of choosing expensive dog food unconditionally, consider the notation and content of the ingredients and buy one from a reliable brand .

Continuing to eat poor quality foods can lead to obesity, allergies, atopy, cancer and other illnesses in the future .

It would be best if the food could be handmade to suit the child, but dogs need different types and amounts of nutrients than humans in the first place. Therefore, knowledge and effort are required to provide a balanced diet with homemade meals. If you really want to eat homemade food, it’s a good idea to balance nutrition with supplements until you get used to it.

How to give-Amount At

first, give the same food as you have eaten. First, let’s take a look at a small amount.

Growing puppies really get bigger and bigger. It grows more than 10 times faster than humans. However, the speed depends on the breed of dog. Small dogs become adults in less than a year, while large dogs become adults in nearly two years.

Growing puppies require about twice as much energy as adult dogs. However, because the stomach and intestines that eat that much are not large enough, it is necessary to increase the calories in the diet. Adult dog foods are rather low in calories, while puppy foods are high in calories.

Please refer to the label on the hood from your weight for the amount to give.

How to give-number of times

The frequency of feeding should be from 4 times a day or more during the weaning period to about 2 times a day for 6 months. Then, in a year, we will switch to a diet for adult dogs. You can eat as much as you want when you are a puppy, but if you eat as much as you need, wait a while, get hungry, and then eat the next one. Selfishness, if you take root in your likes and dislikes, the rest will be difficult. It is up to you, the owner, to decide what to eat and manage your health.

Caution-Because obese

puppies are cute, they tend to give food, but obesity at this time can cause later illness, so be careful not to over-calorie. When you become obese during the growth period, fat cells increase. Even if you can reduce the size of fat cells, you cannot reduce the number of fat cells, so even if you become an adult dog and diet, it will not be effective.


Supplements are foods, not medicines. Although not guaranteed to be effective, supplements that help balance nutrition and help bone growth are effective for growing puppies.

Recommended products


holistic food Holistic food “Holistic” is a word that means “whole, connection, balance”.

A holistic affection, or holistic care, is achieved by combining the three elements of the owner’s heartfelt skinship, a relaxed and secure environment, and a balanced and safe hood (nutrients). Above all, food = “eating” is positioned as the basis and is called holistic food. This holistic food is positioned as the highest grade among pet foods, and is a general term used for very limited foods carefully selected such as materials and their policies.

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