In the coming season, the rainy season will increase the number of walks on rainy days, and it will get hotter and hotter. While the frequency of shampooing pet dogs is increasing, many pets are not good at hair dryers, and many owners seem to be stressed every day.

 Therefore, “Dry Han bang” is now attracting attention as a savior for troubled pet owners. A convenient dry jacket that allows you to easily dry dogs and cats simply by wrapping your pet and inserting a hair dryer.

 I immediately tried this hot topic product for my dog   who hates hair dryers.

Sebum care is important from the rainy season to summer

 When the temperature rises, the dogs also sweat, and during the rainy season, the number of walks on rainy days increases, and the park is covered with mud. Something that increases the chances of washing your dog.

 In addition, the humidity rises, so bacteria can easily grow, and shampoo and dry is an unavoidable routine for washing away sebum and as part of odor care.

Dogs who don’t like hair dryers are particularly annoying to their owners during such times. You will want to escape to natural drying, but if you leave it wet, bacteria will grow more easily, so a dryer is indispensable even in the middle of summer.

 Especially for dog breeds that do not require trimming, I want to do shampoo at home! Many owners think that. When I was looking for a way to dry without stress, I came across “Dry Han bang”.

The reason why easy and compact is popular

 Even if you’re not a dog who doesn’t like a hair dryer, the time and effort to dry it is reasonable. If it becomes a rampaging dog, it’s even more work. “Dry Han bang” is packed with ideas in a simple design so that anyone can easily handle it as long as they have a household hair dryer.

Thin and lightweight without taking up space. It’s not bulky, so you can carry it with you when traveling with your pet.

 It is also important to be able to prepare quickly before the towel-dried dog’s body gets cold. After unfolding the dry ham bang, close the back string leaving a hole of about coin and lay a towel to complete the set (you can use it without a towel, but it is better to lay it so that you can relax more). You can get ready for your dog’s bath in no time.

 When you put the dog on it, squeeze the strap around the neck, fasten the Velcro on the back, and then just insert the dryer. It’s strange that my dog, who had been rampaging until then, calmed down as soon as he was wrapped up.

Stress-free even during dry

 When you’re ready, insert the dryer into the cuffs at the back of the jacket and turn on the switch (be sure to attach the dryer head and avoid high temperatures and strong winds). In the warm season, apply a weak warm air for the first 1-2 minutes, then switch to the cold air and dry (warm air is OK all the time in winter).

The short-haired French Bulldog was able to dry most of it in about 10 minutes. Since there are 12 air holes on the side, the air circulates inside without being trapped, and there is no need to worry about the hot air directly hitting the pet’s skin. All you have to do is relax and wait for it to dry.

 In the past, not only was it time-consuming to use a hair dryer, but a large amount of hair was scattered and it was difficult to clean it. Dry Han ban only throws away the hair that has fallen inside. Especially during the hair change period, I’m glad that not only the labor of drying but also the labor of cleaning can be saved.

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