A beagle with a cheerful and cheerful personality. It has an excellent sense of smell and is a breed that can also be used as a working dog such as an explosives detection dog. This time, dog trainer Ishioka will explain how to discipline such as sweet chewing and toilet training based on the character of Beagle.

What you need to know before you train a beagle

There are many different ways to train a dog, but the point is to find the right one for your breed. In addition, let the owner choose the discipline method that suits his dog.

Basically, trust rather than master-slave relationship

In the past, “discipline” was said to be based on establishing a master-slave relationship between a dog and its owner. However, in recent years, it has been considered important for dogs and their owners to open their hearts and trust each other.

Examples of behaviors of owners who are unable to build trust include imposing negative feelings on their dogs, scolding them bluntly, and behaving inconsistently.

No matter how well you train, it can be difficult for untrustworthy dogs and their owners to train.

Beagle personality

Beagles have a cheerful personality and love humans and dogs, so they tend to be nostalgic.

It has a very good sense of smell, so if trained by a professional, it can be effective as an explosive’s detection dog, but on the other hand, it also has the risk of picking up and eating.

In addition to being a relatively easy-to-bark dog breed, it has a loud voice for its body, so training with correct knowledge is required.

Problematic behavior seen in beagles

Beagle’s behavioral problems can lead to major accidents if left untreated. If you see any problematic behavior, please take an early action and review your discipline.

Barking in vain

And when the stomach is empty voice mail at the time of, easy to waste barking is the type. In addition, behaviors such as barking while chasing prey are often seen.

In order to eliminate such wasteful barking, it is necessary to reduce stress.

Take measures such as increasing the amount of exercise and finding and eliminating the cause that you dislike the answering machine.

Sweet bite

The sweet bite of a beagle, which has a large mouth for its size, can lead to serious injuries if escalated.

Even if you chew sweetly in play, if you bite hard enough to feel pain, stop playing and calm down once. Give puppies that have itchy teeth during their growth a toy that they can chew and play with.

Picking up and eating

Beagle has a good sense of smell and is prone to picking up and stealing, so be careful of accidental ingestion.

In the house, not only do you keep food out of the reach of dogs, but you also need to train outdoors. Take measures such as going for a walk during bright hours until you are properly disciplined.

A discipline command that you definitely want to teach Beagle

First, let’s unify the commands when issuing instructions. Basically, one word per purpose.

The command also has the effect of reducing the excitement of the dog, which is useful even in an emergency and can keep the dog safe.

Beagles like to eat, so good snacks can help you train.

Toilet training

As you grow up, you often lose your toilet only outside, but ideally you can do it on the toilet seats you have installed at home.

When a dog grows older, taking a long walk just for excretion can be a heavy burden for the dog. Also, because you can’t see the color of your pee, you lose the chance to notice something wrong.

If you say “toilet” or “one-to-one-two” when you pee and establish it as a signal for the toilet, you can easily remember the location of the toilet even after you move.

The point is not to scold anyway. If you can do it well, praise it, and repeat.

Some dogs deliberately pee in the wrong place to attract the attention of their owners. In such cases, take the dog out of sight, such as by putting it in a crate, and clean it while the dog is away.


“Wait” is effective when taught before giving rice or snacks. Once you’ve learned it completely, you don’t have to wait in vain every time you eat. Let’s use it when you are about to pick up and eat. It is important to train regularly so that you can do it

not only at home but under any circumstances.

Being able to control behavior with the word “wait” will help avoid danger.


It is common to repeatedly teach ” give a snack when you sit down “. You can avoid danger by calming yourself so that you do not jump out when you are excited, of course, while taking a walk or waiting for a traffic light.

Also, when a menacing dog approaches, you can prevent trouble by having your dog sit on the side of the road and let it pass first.


It is a discipline that is not necessary when visiting a guest, sleeping, or in the event of a disaster.

Training using “house” is also effective for eliminating unnecessary barking when the intercom rings. This command can be applied to various disciplines.


The command to call your dog is also important. It is easier to learn if you train “come” for both play and exercise.

Let’s start indoors. If you can do it indoors, we will raise the level so that you can do it even in places with various outdoor stimuli such as dog runs.

It is also recommended to introduce discipline to give you confidence.

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