Puppies are cute and fun, but they are dark side. Their tiny, tiny, razor-sharp teeth tend to sometimes hurt the joy of having a puppy. Over the next few minutes, I’d like to teach you to have your puppy have a “soft” mouth and at the same time share a surefire way to stop your puppy from sleeping.

You may not want to hear this, but puppies need chew. When we buy puppies, we take them out of the “dog school” and bring them to our home. Puppies learn a lot from their mothers and litters and cannot be taught. Despite our best impression, we are not dogs.

So how do we teach puppies that nip hurts? By acting so that it hurts. Even if it’s not that bad, you should make a big scene about it. However, do not leave it as it is. You should give your puppy the opportunity to have a “soft” mouth by allowing it to chew. Yes, I said I would allow it to chew.

My little trick for this is to get some peanuts. Butter or maybe some cheese spreads and puts it on my fingers. I then let my puppy lick it from my fingers as I rub their gums (this also helps to grow teeth). If they put a lot of pressure on my fingers, say “hurts!”,

Repeat this exercise. From time to time, I will really bite and bite the puppy. In that case, I give another “pain!” I ignore them for a while. I try to get them to take peanut butter for a while, then I resume practice.

Next time, let the puppy lick the peanut butter, but this time with a little pressure, say “It hurts!” And pay attention again.

Various pressures that you teach them that strong pressure results in the removal of your hands, and therefore delicious peanut butter, by allowing the puppies to bite your fingers. When they use a “soft” mouth, they are allowed to continue their quest to clean peanut butter from your fingers.

This practice is received from their litters that mimic the training of your puppy. When the puppies bite their litters violently, they cry and avoid the puppies for a while. Then they resume playing. Litters may then bite them hard, and the process happens again.

When your puppy is a little older, you can also start turning their biting behavior towards the right toys. Personally, I like toys because you will play with them anyway.

The way to use a toy in this situation is to say “It hurts!”

Previous method if you want to use this method together It is advisable to hide the toys in a strategic place where puppies usually do most of their nip. Like a night table by your sofa. Do not leave toys for your dog. When they lose interest, they pick it up and put it away. Otherwise the toys will be boring to them.

Both of these methods will help teach your puppy to use his mouth properly.

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