Small dogs are often ranked high in popular breeds. The reason is not only “small and cute” but also “easy to keep”. However, even small dogs should be disciplined and there are some etiquettes to be followed by their owners. This time, we will introduce the criteria for small dogs and the characteristics of popular dog breeds.

What is the standard for small dogs?

As pets become more family-friendly, more and more people are traveling with their pets. However, depending on the accommodation, dog run, and dog cafe, it may be decided whether or not the facility can be used depending on the size of the dog. I think there are many owners who say, “I thought my child was a small dog, but he was told that he was a medium-sized dog.”

Dog size standards are based only on weight and height. Weight and height are standardized worldwide by dog   groups affiliated with the International Federation of Dogs, such as JKC (Japan Kennel Club) and AKC (American Kennel Club), but small dogs, medium-sized dogs, and large dogs have standard standards. There is no clear definition of the distinction between dogs. It is thought that the feeling of being small or large is due to people, and it is difficult to make it a universal recognition. In addition to small dogs, medium-sized dogs, and large dogs, in some cases, there may be more categories such as ultra-small dogs and ultra-large dogs. However, in general, dogs weighing less than 10 kg are often classified as “small dogs”, dogs weighing less than 25 kg are classified as “medium-sized dogs”, and dogs weighing 25 kg or more are classified as “large dogs”.

Even if you have your own classification method

Some facilities and insurance companies offer their own way of dividing dogs by breed and weight. Comparing pet insurance, Shiba Inuk is a medium-sized dog under PS insurance, but Piet Insurance charges it as a small dog. Make sure to check how the facility or insurance company you are going to use divides before using it.

small dogs have a long lifespan?

Currently, the average life expectancy of dogs is about 14 years, but the average life expectancy varies depending on the size of the body. It is generally said that large dogs have a shorter lifespan and smaller dogs have a longer lifespan. One theory is that since all dog breeds have the same heart size, large dogs require more energy to circulate blood throughout the body, and smaller dogs require less energy.

However, a survey by Anicom Insurance Company found that small dogs weighing 5 to 10 kg have a longer life expectancy than ultra-small dogs weighing 5 kg or less.

Small dog = not easy to keep

Small dogs can be kept in condominiums and apartments in the city center, and it is easy to keep them in terms of environment and money, such as rice, vaccines, medicines, and pet facility usage fees. However, it is a mistake to say, “Because it is a small dog, even beginners can keep it.”

Depending on the breed, many dogs have a history of being active as hunting dogs. It is easy to think that it is easy to care for and handle because it is small, but due to its nature as a hunting dog, problem behaviors such as biting habits and barking habits are also likely to occur. As a result, it may be necessary to send them to a dog trainer or a dog kindergarten, which may result in unexpected expenses. Including the temperament and discipline of dogs, it cannot be said that they are all breeds that are easy to keep.

Have a proper diet

Some small dogs grow larger than their average weight and height. There are individual differences in body growth. Never reduce the amount of food you eat, saying, “I don’t want you to grow up.” Make sure you feed the dog the right amount of food.

The optimum daily calorie content can be easily calculated using ” Food Diagnosis ” of Peto’s original dog food “PETOKOTO FOODS”.

Types of small dogs

This time, we will introduce typical breeds that are generally classified as small dogs.

toy poodle

A toy poodle with a characteristic fluffy, curly coat. Since the days when Standard Poodle was active as a bird hunting dog, it has been gradually miniaturized. Due to its gentle and loved personality, it is now a popular breed as a domestic dog.


It features a round head called Apple head and round eyes! Although his body is very small, his personality is very brave and lively. Overseas, it is sometimes called a “pocket wolf” (small wolf), and it also has a cute appearance.

Miniature Dachshund

The most popular dachshund is the miniature dachshund. Dachshund, a hunting dog that uses his short legs to dive into a narrow hole in the basement, is naturally friendly and active. He has a curious personality and is stubborn, but he is a very smart breed.


Rich coat has a lot of color variations. A breed of dog native to Germany, Samoyed, a member of the Spitz tribe, is said to be an ancestor dog. He has a cheerful and curious personality.

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